for inquiries regarding a parking fee

All concerns about received parking ticket are acceptable in written only by filling the fom below.
It is important, that we receive all information in writted.

     If your request are related to received parking fees, you must do so in written.

    Coments and questions about concerning parking ticket acceptable only in written, through our contact form.

    We do not give any discounts for students or retirees.

    There is a duty to find out what conditions apply on the parking lot when parking. If the statutory signs are setup correctly, the control fee is maintained.

    In the areas where both stopping and parking are prohibited, the observations time is 0 min.

    In the areas where parking is prohibited, it is normal procedure to observe the car before imposing a charge.

    No. There is no possibility to change payment deadline for received parking fee.

    A car is parked outside a marked parking area when a part of the wheel or a car body is not located within the marking lines. Thus, it is not a requirement that there must be an entire wheel outside the marking lines.

    The Parkeringskompagniet manages private parking areas. The are private property rights and the contract law apply here. Opposite the public parking areas, which are regulated by the provisions of the Traffic Act (Færdselslovens).

    According to the general property right, the owner of a parking area can determine the rules for the use of the parking areas that belong to the property.

    The owner can also choose to let a private parking company manage the area, for example Parkeringskompagniet. Where we will supervise compliance with the parking rules.

    Collaborating partner determines the rules for the area together with the Parkeringskompagniet. The parkings signs are set up so that conditions are visible to everyone who enters the parking area. But it is your own responsibility to orientate yourself about what is written on the signs in the parking area.

    No matter what the rules say, the result is the same if you do not follow those rules. Then you may be charged a parking control fee. The parking control fee must cover the administration of the parking scheme and be carried out in accordance with contract law.

    In areas with private parking supervision, the entrance to the area must be signed with marking signs, to be aware that the area is private and that special rules are applying for parking.

    When you choose to pass the driveway sign with the white “P” and park in a private area, you accepting the rules on the sign in the area and enter into an agreement in accordance with the Contracts Act (Aftaleloven).

    In the parking area itself, the parking rules must be stated clearly on the marking signs. It is your own responsibility to observe the rules before parking. If you parked in violation of the rules, Parkeringskompagniet charges a parking control fee.

    The parking ticket will be placed under the windshield wiper. The parking control fee also states the consequences of not paying the parking fee. It is not the Parkeringskompagniet responsibility that the parking control fee remains in place until you return to the car.

    When a parking ticket is printed, Parkeringskompagniet contacts the Central Register of Motor Vehicles, which provides information on the owner / user of the car.

    The Parkeringskompagniet has terminal access to the Motor Register. It follows from the Law of the registration of vehicles and associated executive orders. The Parkeringskompagniet is thus entitled to search the Motor Register for the name and address of the registered primary owners and users of a motorized vehicle.

    See the Parking Complaints Board (Parkeringsklagenævnet) her.

    Parkeringskompagniet is a member of complains board – klagenævnet.

    1) Once we received your inquiry, our complaints department will assess the case and then give you back our assessment in written.

    Our handling time is approx. 10 working days, after which you will receive our assessment of the appealed case in written by returning the email you have provided in the form.

    2) If you do not agree with our decision of your first appeal, you have the opportunity to get a new assessment for your complaint. You can do this by submitting another complaint. Your second complaint must also be submitted in written by the contact form exactly like for the first complaint.

    Once we have reviewed your new complaint, you will receive a new decision in written from us.
    Our handling time is approx. 10 working days, after which you will receive our assessment of the new case in written by returning the email you have provided in the form.

    3) If you disagree again, then you have the opportunity to bring your complaint to the Parking Complaints Board.
    It costs DKK 175 to have your case processed by the Parking Complaints Board. If you are successful, you will get your money back. You can see all the details and submit your complaint by the Parking Complaints Board’s website – www.parkeringsklagenæ

    If you have paid, but still receiving a paiment remindres or dealay fees, it can be because of the following aspects:

    • Wrongly entered Parking ticket number or not entered at all in payment action
    • Another person paid a fee
    • Parking fee paid after deadline
    • The wrong fee amount was paid

    Contact us by filling the form above

    The first delay reminder from Parkeringskompagniet is just a reminder that is sent, that we can be sure that the parking control fee has been received, as we cannot guarantee that parking control ticket will remain on the windscreen until you will return to the car. This reminder does not give you any delays fee. The delays fee is given if you have failed to pay the parking ticket fee before the payment deadline, which appears from the reminder, that you receive a new reminder. There will be a reminder fee of DKK 100, for each time a new reminder is sent.

    If the parking fee is not paid on time, you will receive a reminder of the parking fee, without a reminder fee. If the parking fee is still not paid on time, we will start a reminder procedure, which means that you will receive up to three payment reminders, which will be charged a reminder fee of DKK 100 per. reminder. If the parking fee is still not paid, we will transfer the case to judicial debt collection, which incurs additional costs on the claim that you have to pay.

    Parking violation in a private parking area managed by Parkeringskompagniet, will be charged with a parking control fee.
    The parking control fee is given according to the private parking law rules.

    The Parkeringskompagniet works according to the private parking law rules on private areas. In the private car parking areas, it is the owner of the parking area who decide the rules for parking in that area – and those rules can differ from the public car parking rules. The current rules for a parking areas handled by Parkeringskompagniet appears from the posted terms and conditions.
    The moment the driver of a vehicle enters a private car parking area, it is considered as an acceptance of the rules in question, which appears on the parking signs. If you violate the rules in question, a parking control fee can be charged.
    A parking ticket will be placed on the car´s windscreen immediately after the parking guard will noticed the parking violation in accordance with the principle in the Traffic Act, section 121, subsection. 3. It is settled case law that violation of parking rules may result a parking control fee, cf. section 1 of the Contracts Act.

    You can pay your parking fee by applying the required serial number or your vehicle registration number as text when transferring to:

    Bank: Sparekassen Kronjylland
    Account information:
    Reg: 6180 account: 0013833397

    From abroad:
    IBAN Account Number: DK8761800013833397
    BIC code – KRONDK22